How Bad Do You Want It?

Success and failure are both determined by the will of the individual that is chasing their dream. How bad do you want to succeed? This is the question that I pose to my audience today. The reality is that you can have your hearts desire if you are willing to go after it with everything... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Worth

This is a man's world....but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl! The legendary James Brown first blessed us with this wisdom in 1966 while performing live at the Apollo Theater. Those words rang true then and has an infinite value today. In the modern era of fakery and unrealistic reality, the... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

It was during recess in 1983 that I ran into my first roadblock! Not writers block but an actual brick wall lol! We were on the playground playing an intense game of freeze tag when my cousin came to my rescue and un-froze me. I took off like I was running for my life, and... Continue Reading →

Invisible Chains

What does true freedom look like? The reason I posed the question is to provoke thought into whether we are truly free or whether we have bought into an ideology of what satisfies our tolerance to the present level of injustice compared to the conditions of the past! To simplify that statement, have we traded... Continue Reading →

When Times Get Rough!

One of the most amazing creations of this universe is the human brain! With the proper programming, one can exceed the limits of normal human existence. Today, I would like to focus on how your brain works during times of struggle and then offer another option that will advance you through those rough times in... Continue Reading →

You Matter!

A couple of days ago, I received an email that addressed the rise in the number of suicides in different military branches. While this is an alarming topic, I'm also aware of the fact that this is not limited to military members. Things that happen to us (divorce, loss of a loved one, financial pressures)... Continue Reading →

It’s Time!

Have you ever said to yourself that you plan to go back to school when "the time is right" or get that certification, or take that much needed vacation? What stops you from taking the necessary action to move your life to a higher level? Is it fear, is it a lack of motivation or... Continue Reading →

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