Tomorrow begins TODAY!

My favorite part of each day is right before the sun comes up!  As long as I can remember, this has been the case.  As a kid, I remember waking up early during the summer and running down the road to my great-grandmother’s house to listen to the animated adult conversations.  All of my aunts and uncles, as well as my grandmother, would meet at my great-grandma Carrie’s house to have coffee each morning and there was always something to learn by sitting around and soaking up the stories that were shared.  One morning my grandmother asked one of my uncles how he was doing and his reply was “Not too good”.  My antennas went up because I knew my grandmother, as spiritual as she was, would convict him of such negative talks but on this particular morning, she simply replied..”You should have seen it coming”. 

I will admit, this was not the response I expected and was quite honestly disappointed that the conversation didnt get any more heated than it did.  After all, we didnt have cable tv so this morning huddle was my only source of entertainment before everyone dispersed.  My granny walked into the kitchen and I followed on her heels to get more insight to what she had uttered.  When I got into the kitchen, I asked her what she meant by the phrase “You should have seen it coming”? Her reply stuck with me from that day to this one.  She leaned down and told me that “Tomorrow begins today” and since my uncle failed to prepare himself for a good day, he will get what he was prepared for. 

Fast-forward several years later and I’m stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas completing basic training (boot camp) and the wisdom of my grandmother comes full circle once again.  On one of the first few days of training, everyone was getting yelled at for asking what was obviously alot of anger provoking questions.  I say that because each question made the drill sargeant yell louder and louder.  Finally, one of the trainees asked the drill sargeant, “Why do we have to arrange our uniform in a certain order before we go to bed each night?”.   I’m getting prepared to watch this kid get his face yelled off but to my surprise, the drill sargeant had a completely unexpected response.  The drill sargeant said “That’s the first question that made sense all day”.  However, he resumed his yelling spree to everyone that could not give him the answer he was looking for. 

Finally, he made his way to my locker and asked me….”Trainee Hurd, why do we get our uniforms ready prior to going to bed each night?”.   After a second to think about it, I blurted out ” Because tomorrow begins today sir!”  He replied, thats exactly what I was looking for….However, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU ADDRESS ME TRAINEE.  “WHAT IS THE PROPER WAY TO ANSWER A QUESTION IN MY MILITARY TRAINEE” (The yelling could be heard outside)….I immediately replied, Sir, trainee Hurd reports as ordered and then gave my answer again in order to be in compliance.  At that point, my nerves were shot and I just wanted to go to sleep lol.  The moral of the story is, if you want to have a great day tomorrow, preparation must take place today. 

I talk to several of my friends that are always down in the dumps because they seem so overwhelmed.  The reason is that there is no pre-planning to ensure an efficient start to the day.  My daily routine is to get my clothes completely ready for the following morning so that I don’t have to hunt for socks, belts or shoes.  When I take off my hat, I put my wallet , belt and car keys inside so that I dont have to hunt for them the next morning.   As a parent, clothing and accessory prep should be done for each child in advance to ensure a smooth morning.  If your child is clumsy or messy, it may not be a bad idea to have a couple of days worth of clothes prepared in case there is a morning mishap.  Another helpful tip is to cook enough food to last a couple of days so that you have leftovers when you get home from work.  This keeps you from having to cook after a hard days work.  I also gas up my vehicle on Sunday after church so that I’m not trying to get to work on Monday morning with my gas light on.  All it takes is  a  train stopping on the tracks and your car running out of gas to turn Monday morning into a rocky start to your week. 

Look for ways to be more efficient on the day prior and you will see immediate stress reductions in your days to come.  Take an inventory of the things that you have to do in order to make your house operate and become proctive in completing those tasks in advance.  Good luck with becoming better managers of your time and remember that “Tomorrow begins TODAY!

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd