If it’s going to be, it’s up to ME!

Have you ever felt like everyone around you was moving forward in life and that you seem to be stuck in the same place!  Others around you are completing their educational, relational, and career goals and yet it’s the same daily grind for you with no change in sight.  To make matters worse, it may feel like you’re the only person going through this type of situation.  At some point, you may feel like you’re in a dream that is a never ending re-run of your daily activities; wake up tired, get breakfast together (if you have time), get dressed for work, drive to work, log-in to workstation, think about what you want for lunch, rush to lunch in that impossible hour, be miserable with reports and email until 5, find out your workload will not allow you to leave at 5, call your spouse to explain (he/she is pissed), drive home once you finish in hellacious traffic, flop down on the sofa, then the work load picks up all over again with home responsibilities.  Guess what, the rat-race is not a one person race and you’re definitely not the only person that feels like they have no traction to move forward.  Well guess what, you’re not stuck!  If you want to change your situation, please continue to read in order to discover some key steps that you must take to change your reality.

The most important characteristic that one must have if he/she is going to make positive change is the awareness that the situation is not going to change without intentional action.  Hoping for a certain outcome will not produce any other outcome than the one you already have.   You must do something different if you expect something different.  I grew up in a small rural town that had only one or two industries available that provided consistent employment.  One was the wood yard/lumber industry and the other was the manufacturing industry.   Neither industry would yield one wealthy and yet many employees work there for decades without realizing that they are in the same position today as they were when they started 15 years ago.  One day while talking to a family member, the question came up as to why they had never moved away to pursue a better financial future for themselves.  The reply that I got was eye-opening.   She said that she was able to pay her bills just fine and that she was comfortable where she was.  She told me that she wished that the city would bring more jobs there in order for the residents to make better salaries.  I was baffled because the city doesn’t owe the community better jobs and I realized that my family member was pacified by the idea of being comfortable. 

Fear is another contributing factor that can be mistaken as being comfortable.  You see, when a person is afraid to take action, they convince themselves that where they are in life is not that bad.  They become complacent with the conditions because the amount of effort required to change it is more than they are willing to exert.  Fear holds so many people back from their dreams but if you would only take the first step and then a second step, you will see that it is possible to improve your situation. 

“But what if I try it and fail”…….at least you can say that you tried!  Anything is better than accepting defeat without first putting up a fight.  Remember that if your life is going to get better, it’s up to YOU.  You owe it to yourself to become the best version possible.  You can and must DO IT!  NOW….

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd