Watching the Highlight Film!

Welcome back everyone!  I pray that you all have had an amazing week as I have!  For those that read my blog earlier this week, I know that everyone has their clothes ready for church tomorrow and are excited to have another opportunity to worship!  I’m so ready, I almost slept in my clothes tonight so that I could beat the pastor to church lol!  If you didn’t internalize that habit of preparation, we will work on it in the days to come.  For the blog today, I want us to look back at the past week and study the game film to see what we did well and what we need to improve on for the coming week.

My first question is, what  was the first action you took each morning you woke up last week?  It should have been to open your mouth and give thanks for waking up another day, however, several of you have been honest and admitted that the first thing you did was reach over and check your phone.  Can someone tell me how we got to this point to where the first and last thing we do is check our phones?  My challenge starting tomorrow and for the next seven days is to wake up and do not reach for the phone.  Instead, give thanks for the blessing of a new day…

My second question is, how much time did you spend watching others live (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube)?  Social media has become a refuge for so many to escape their own lives.  The problem with it is that if we invested that time into our personal development, we would enjoy our lives so much that we wouldn’t desire looking at what others have going on.  

Thirdly, how did you do as far as daily preparation for the following day?  If you didn’t do so well, try it on Monday and Tuesday and leave feedback on whether you noticed a difference in your daily flow.  If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!

Lastly, did you do anything to help someone else?  Did you provide support or encouragement to a friend or family member or maybe even a total stranger?  Try giving a compliment or constructive criticism to someone because it may be the key to keeping them from giving up!  Ya never know!  Let’s get ready to have an amazing week ahead and I look forward to talking with you each day to come.

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd