The Way You Move!

In 2003, the legendary Atlanta rap group OutKast created one of hip hops classic songs featuring Sleepy Brown titled “I like the way you move”. Today’s blog has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of that song, but I decided to jar the memory of my music head readers and have that song playing in your head all day tomorrow lol. The target audience for today’s blog is my millennial readers (oxymoron lol) and for the adults that have not gotten the memo yet that they are not millenials.

I want to present for thought the way that we are moving as individuals in a very dangerous modern society! When I was a teenager and had just gotten my first car, I received some very valuable advice from my elders. My great grandmother often told me to “watch the company that I keep”. She said that “everyone that’s with you may not be for you”.

I later heard a quote from my mentor that says…”A smart person learns from their mistakes, but a wise person learns from the mistakes of others”. Instead of dismissing those golden nuggets of advice, I chose to listen and apply the wisdom to the way that I navigated my day to day life. Now that I am a father, I impress upon my sons the importance of proper movement in order to survive in their environments.

There are forces in society that present visual images that our young people want to emulate, however, those music videos, Instagram posts, and Facebook Live videos are just for publicity. Some record labels will not sign artists unless they are promoting violence or sexual behavior which is an indicator that our young people are being targeted by record companies to recreate what they hear and see. Young men are presented with their pants hanging off their butts and the young ladies are posting videos of themselves in unladylike ways. While this behavior gets them views and likes on their social platform, what about your self worth. It is being exchanged for views because everyone wants to get paid by YouTube…..I just gotta get my views up lol.

Our young men are riding with four or five young boys in the car with them at all hours of the night. Will the young men listen to one sentence for me please? If you want to be respected, you must be respectable! Young ladies, it’s hard to get respect when you post all of your personal business on the internet for all of the world to see. The unfortunaty reality is that this message will fall on ears that have been trained to disregard wisdom and follow foolery because that’s what pays the bills.

Although young people talk so passionately about being individuals, they mimick the behaviors of others. Have you ever noticed that there is no “Lead” button”, only “Like” and “Follow”? It takes courage to be yourself and not conform to the ways of the world!

My challenge for my young readers tonight is to “Move Differently”. If you are going to be successful, you must out-smart your environment because the societal mission is to destroy all that are blind enough to follow the plan that is presented to you daily. There was a reason that momma wanted us in before the street light came on and why she didn’t want us picking up all of our friends in her car to go hang out on the corner. She knew that trouble resides in those type situations. You must be wise enough to know that you don’t always have to be at the party of the summer or the hottest concert. Be a leader and make choices that are in YOUR best interest instead of following the crowd all of the time. And for my older readers that are still carrying on like adolescents, you are too old to be on Facebook stirring up drama when you have more important “ADULT” things to do! If you don’t know what those adult things are, please send me a comment and I will be glad to list some suggestions.

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd