If You Really Want to Impress Me….

Welcome back everyone! I have missed talking with you all but I took a couple of days off to reflect and relax. I pray that you all have had a great week thus far… Before we get started, has everyone revisited their progress from last week and made the modifications necessary to close this week out in greater form? If not, it’s not too late to improve on how well you performed last week. Most importantly, do not forget to add some type of positive value to someone else’s life whether it be a sincere compliment, affirmation, or token of love! Do this and it will bless both the giver and receiver.

Today, I want to focus on the topic of priorities. Since the beginning of time, man has sought the attention of the woman and vice versa, the woman has yearned for the attention of man. Historically man/woman has used some drastic measures to accomplish this goal. But what methods work best? Having the fancy cars, homes, clothes, and loads of money has traditionally gotten both sexes huge results with capturing the attention of the opposite sex. But does that stand the test of time?

In the movie “Coming to America”, an Eddie Murphy classic, Hakeem (played by Eddie Murphy) does not want his love interest Lisa (played by Shari Headley) to know that he is rich nor that he is a prince. He wants to win her love solely on who he is and not what he has. Since the movies release in 1988, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed when it comes to true intent. In today’s society, men and women alike use their possessions, physical appearance, and influence to gain the attention they seek instead of allowing a person to get to know who they really are with no additives or preservatives lol…

The number of men and women that project an appearance of success and fame just to get attention is laughable. If you really want to impress me, post your credit score…. It’s hard to build a future with a 500 or less FICO so wearing a bikini and sporting a $15,000 handbag and red bottoms does not move a real man. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful woman with ugly credit! Ladies, if you want to add to the true beauty that you possess, get your credit right! A man that has things going for himself doesn’t want to take on any unnecessary liabilities. Having a 700 or better FICO is extra sexy!

Men, instead of posting how fancy your car is, or copping the latest shoe that has been released, get your credit in order. Please stop buying $300 shoes but still having a $150 charge off for an old cell phone on your credit. It’s gotta stop!!!!! Make your financial health a priority so that you can build on a firm foundation.

I know that most of you are tired of that 800 number showing up on your caller ID…Pay those people what you owe them and that will give you some peace in your life. That way, when you finally make the right love connection, you don’t have to create an identity that “looks” attractive and successful, you can simply use the one you already have!

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd