Your Mountain to Move

I’ve never seen success without failure, light without darkness, and peace without a storm. Opposite forces are always present at the same time otherwise, there would be no struggle. We are constantly in a battle to move forward while opposing forces are at work to pull us back. Know that when you choose to do good that evil will always be around you.

At a time of my inexperience with the process of life, I would get discouraged and say to myself “Why can’t things be easy for me just once!” Now that I’ve been blessed to experience so many struggles, I now realize that there is beauty in the struggle. What didn’t kill me made me stronger! Think about it for a minute, would it be fun to beat a middle school basketball team if you’re an NBA caliber athlete? Of course not! As you get more experience in the craft of life, your challenges are supposed to become more challenging!

Everything worth having is worth working and fighting for. After all, you were built to win! So regardless of how big the giant in your life is, you’re more than able to slay it, and no matter how big the mountain is, it’s your mountain to move. And that’s exactly what you will do. There is great power in you, so use it like the dominant king or queen that you are! Never wavering and never willing to consider failure! You WILL WIN!

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd