Another Blessing

I felt the need to write this post for all those that feel emotionally low during the holidays. There are things that create lasting scars in our lives and often times, those events happen during the holiday season.

Regardless of your financial, emotional, or relationship status, today is another blessing. If you don’t believe that, try missing one! Every day is tremendously valuable to the point that it’s a shame to waste a single one. Know that you are loved and that you’re needed.

Sometimes you may look around and there is no one to share the holidays with! I’ve been there and can attest that at first sight it may suck…..but look closer! Close your eyes and feel his presence and you will realize that you are not alone. He is even more present during these times because he will remove all of the distractions to reveal to you that he is enough to sustain you regardless of the situation.

Learn to appreciate the quiet times because they are priceless. Remember that you can be alone physically and yet still not be lonely! Let’s look at it from another perspective….have you ever wanted to get a VIP pass to go backstage to meet your favorite entertainer but the tickets were too expensive. You are blessed to have a one on one experience with the creator of all things and the architect for your life. Take advantage of this time to get to know who he is and he will show you who you are!

Be blessed,

Patrick Hurd