Eagles Fly Alone

Recently, a friend asked me a very interesting question. She asked “Why does my family not seem happy about my success”? Many of you have people in your lives that appear to be your friend while you’re down and out…as long as they are not in as bad of a condition as you are.

Whether it be family, friends, or haters, quit expecting everyone to be happy that your life is going well. Especially when they don’t view themselves in the same light. When you are doing well and they are not, you serve as a constant reminder that they have not succeeded yet and can quickly develop a spirit of envy.

A hater cannot be happy for you because he/she is not pleased with themselves. A genuine, good-hearted person will however be super excited for you because they know that if God Blessed you, then he will bless them as well. Sometimes, the people that you hold on to have slowly turned into your competition instead of your supporters and you need to release those people so that they can go find themselves again. Let them go and replace them with positive people.

Family members can be the worst because you can’t just get a new cousin or Uncle. They have a blood connection with you and because of that, it hurts even worse when family members betray you. I have learned that they are not mad at me because I succeeded, they are mad at themselves because they feel like they should be much further along than I am. After all, we were the family members that no one believed in.

The good news is that eagles fly alone and you don’t need to have everyone to be happy for you. Learn to be content with being happy for yourself and if you are blessed enough to have a few extra people rooting for you, then that’s an ever bigger blessing. Know that everyone that came with you, can’t go with you because you are destined for greatness. And that’s a road that everyone is not built to walk down.

Be blessed,

Patrick Hurd