Be Grateful

It’s super easy to lose focus on what’s important! We are marketed to at a non-stop pace to buy more, learn more, shop more, travel more, etc. During the daily hustle and bustle, it is easy to take our eyes off of the blessings that we already have. After all, we were favored enough to wake up and see yet another day. Don’t allow worldly ambitions to drive you to the point that you lose appreciation for the things that really matter.

Having a strong work ethic is admirable! However, we should reflect daily on why we work so hard. Do not allow material gain to be the driving force or the “Why” behind your efforts. Remember to maintain balance between your work life and your personal life by taking time off from work to enjoy your family. I have several coworkers that will never take a day off because they feel guilty or they don’t want the work to pile up while they are off. This is a prime example of being out of balance with work and life.

Sometimes I will take a week off just to spend with my kids or travel to see my parents because they are worth the investment of my time. Take a minute and evaluate what’s truly important and be sincerely grateful for all that you have been blessed with. A grateful attitude will attract even more blessings!

Be blessed,

Patrick Hurd