Worst Behavior

Maaaannnn! Lifetime Network has shed a lot of light on bad behavior lately. For decades, bad behavior has been celebrated, overlooked because of talent, and a lot of people have been affected as a result. I decided to take a minute and address how society condones bad behavior because it may be entertaining for the moment.

I cannot allow the behavior presented by Lifetime to be the only behavioral illness that gets addressed. Chasing Fame has taken priority over living a life of character and this must be talked about. While society has come to a consensus to abandon musicians that conduct themselves poorly, let’s go ahead and address the images that are portrayed in reality shows that paint the women that we are supposed to view as queens as foul mouth, angry, and violent B-word spitters.

If respect is the real goal, you must first be respectable! How can I view you as a queen when all I see from you is twerk videos, profanity, and fighting. If the desire to be famous can provoke you to throw away your virtues, shame on you! Love yourself or no one else will!

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd