I Gotta Get Mine

With the recent government shutdown, the importance of “owning your own” stream of income and eliminate being dependent on corporations to supply your needs is more important than ever.

So, how do you survive if you find yourself furloughed due to the shutdown? Because the majority of Americans do not have an emergency fund, this question is critical. First, you need to eliminate all non-essential expenses such as cable tv, eating out, traveling, and shopping. Second, look at reducing other expenses such as finding a lower priced cellular plan as well as internet access plans. I would also price shop my auto and homeowners insurance to find comparable coverage for less money. Third, look for ways to conserve on utilities. For example, keeping lights off until needed, lowering the temp on your hot water heater, do your laundry at night to keep the dryer from adding additional heat to the home.

If you have a reliable vehicle, you can sign up for Uber/Uber Eats, Lyft, Waiter food delivery, or Shipt grocery delivery to make extra funds to support your household budget. Most importantly, know that this is just a season and it will pass. Stay positive and continue to look for ways to slash your budget and make extra money. Remember that this race is not given to the strong nor the swift but to those that can endure to the end!!!! You can do it!!

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd

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