Wake Up at 4 am!

I often hear people say that there are not enough hours in the day. I’m sure you all have heard this statement yourselves, but what does this statement really mean? So I decided to ask a friend that made this statement. He said that it seems like it’s already dark before he can seem to get anything accomplished. I asked him if he could use an extra 4-5 hours in each of his day. He said that he surely could but stated that it’s impossible to create more time.

He was absolutely correct but also wrong at the same time. My follow up question to him was…”What time do you get started each day and he said that he wakes up at 7 in order to make it to work by 8 am. I was shocked by his response because I could instantly see why he felt the time constraints.

Then, I asked…..If I could give you an extra 21 hours each week of productive time, how much more could he get done. He answered by saying, it would be like night and day as far as the amount of work he could get done with the extra time. I then showed him that if he simply went to bed earlier and woke up at 4 am each day, he would instantly create an additional 21 hours of availability.

That’s 3 extra hours per day to put into your business, your class work, that book that you’ve wanted to write…..the time is literally there everyday for the taking but instead, we waste it by sleeping in, watching tv, playing video games or playing on our phones. Many will look back later in life and say….if I only had more time! My response is that the time is within reach each and everyday if you will overcome those desires to sleep in!

Reclaim the time that you’ve been blessed with and make the most of every day. It will mean the difference in living a full and fruitful life as opposed to having many regrets when you get older. Seize the day!!!! Everyday!

Be blessed,

Patrick Hurd

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