If I Knew Then….

Life is a trip….and then you die, but what’s so special about the span of time from when the birth canal opens and the coffin lid closes? That measure of space called time can be whatever you create it to be. My prayer is that you find this passage early in life so that you are not looking back at life but instead can read it now and have your entire future waiting for you to live it. But regardless of when you find it, you will have found it at the proper time.

I challenge every reader to disconnect all of the extension chords that have been plugged in to your brain that are draining your power to think independently (tv’s, cell phones, computers and tablets, etc.) There exists a space that’s so close whereby your thoughts become so clear and uninterrupted. A place where you can think and receive answers with high definition clarity….but you have to unplug and focus in order to enter this zone.

This is a weightless space where worries don’t exist, stress is non existent, and what once was a heavy heart soon becomes weightless. Why is it that few find out about this space in time? I can tell you that it’s not a fictitious place like Wakanda but is rather very real in nature. In this space you are free to create the life that you envision rather than blaming other forces for dealing you the hand that you have.

I will share with you how I discovered my place of clarity. But I will preface my story by telling you that you can voluntarily seek this space or you may find it under duress lol….the important thing is that you find it though. It was during the lowest moment of my life that I made this discovery. My life had literally fallen apart and I was face down on the floor of an abandoned house that I was living in because I had lost all of my worldly goods and had been stripped down to the bone almost.

I felt so broken to the point that I wanted to just sleep my life away and hoped that one day, I wouldn’t have to wake up and face another day of hell. Nothing was going my way….I had lost my family, my job, all of my money, my vehicles, and even got burglarized for the remaining possessions that I had. I literally felt that nothing could make my situation worse. As I looked around the room, all that I had left was a chair from the job that I had lost (I wasn’t leaving empty handed lol…..) and a gigantic mirror. So I pulled the chair in front of the mirror and took a good look at the guy on the other side.

I just focused on me! I thought about why God designed me the way he did, and of what importance was it for me to exist. Mentally, I was so weak to the point that I was on my knees and that was all of the strength I could muster up. At that moment, I entered this zone that was once hard to explain. Now, I know the importance of that space. I could hear his voice so clearly stating that ” I WILL RESTORE YOU”! It felt like I was being rapidly recharged…like I was connected to such a powerful source of energy that I had no choice but to move forward in his power.

What seemed so stressful then became irrelevant, all of my burdens became blessings, all of my trials became on-the-job experience that qualified me for promotions to come. If you find yourself at a low point in life, know that a better day is coming! Find that place where you have no distractions and intentionally connect with the source of all things. Enter that space where you can see yourself and envision the person that you want to become. Know that the creative mind inside of you is waiting for you to create what you desire. Again, don’t lose years of time before you activate the power that resides inside of you but live on purpose and not on a default setting! Don’t settle for being good, BE GREAT!

Be Blessed,

Patrick Hurd


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