You Matter!

A couple of days ago, I received an email that addressed the rise in the number of suicides in different military branches. While this is an alarming topic, I’m also aware of the fact that this is not limited to military members.

Things that happen to us (divorce, loss of a loved one, financial pressures) have a way of wearing us down. Sometimes it feels like the world is sitting on your chest and you can hardly take another breath, I want you to know that you are special and you definitely matter!

Sometimes we make terrible mistakes and as a result, we may drive people out of our life that we love. The pain that you experience is very real and should be addressed. Do not discount these feelings by sweeping them under the rug, but instead, find an outlet to help you process those feelings.

With the current economic woes, money is tight for a lot of Americans! You are not alone. To make the pressure worse, having the responsibility of providing for your family, a shortage of finances only adds to the stress. It may feel like you have no help with carrying the load but the reality is that you have all of the help you need. If you need someone to talk to, reach out to a friend and if you have no one else to talk to, please reach out to me at I’m a great listener and will walk with you toward a brighter future!

Be blessed,

Patrick Hurd

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