When Times Get Rough!

One of the most amazing creations of this universe is the human brain! With the proper programming, one can exceed the limits of normal human existence. Today, I would like to focus on how your brain works during times of struggle and then offer another option that will advance you through those rough times in a fraction of the time.

The problem with those valley moments is that we become consumed with them. Partly because we don’t know how to get out of them and partly because these moments are so uncomfortable. When a person is going through a rough patch, their focus becomes the rough patch and as a result, all you think about is how miserable you are at that present time.

The positive people around you are telling you that you will be ok and that weeping may endure for a night etc. When a person is going through a dark moment, they are in such a negative space that they don’t want to hear anything positive….they just want it to be over!

The brain has so much ability and yet we have not learned how to move to a higher level within the framework of our mind.

When a person asks for patience, they are given events that cause stress and pressure because there has to be a space created that warrants the need for patience. Think about it, why would you need patience if you were on auto pilot and had nothing that was causing you to be uneasy.

If you were asking for faith, you will be presented with circumstances that will cause you to waver. If you were not presented with uncertainty and doubt, there would be no need to choose faith. So think about it, if you are being presented with some rough times, it simply an opportunity to exercise the free will that exists within your brain. At that moment, you need to fast-forward your thinking so that you can see yourself in a victorious state. Instead of focusing on the present, look forward and see yourself as having already won the current battle! You are so much stronger than anything that comes your way, but you must exercise the ability and the tremendous power that exists within your mind. You have an amazing creation right between your ears. It cannot be duplicated, you have a one of a kind treasure within you. Learn to use it and see those tough times in the right perspective. They are only a test…..a test that is no competition for the power that dwells within you!

Be blessed!

Patrick Hurd

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