Making Mommy Moves

I did a little research about a Narcissist’s return, and this is what I’ve found:

What will make a narcissist start valuing his ex-partner again or possibly want her again?

Several things. However, I’ll list 2 reasons, I believe, a Narcissist will re-idealize (they don’t value anyone) a target…

  1. He’s out of/low on supply. One of many reasons people cannot get closure from narcissistic relationships, is because narcissists do not end relationships. They take breaks from them. Many narcissists cannot be alone. They need a constant flow of attention/energy because they cannot generate their own. They’re empty vessels living in a perpetual state of need. So, they collect people and store them to use (as needed) to fulfill their needs. When a new target isn’t what the narcissist thought they’d be, or, when one wisens up and leaves, the narcissist goes through his collection of bodies to replace that energy…

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