Writers Block

It was during recess in 1983 that I ran into my first roadblock! Not writers block but an actual brick wall lol! We were on the playground playing an intense game of freeze tag when my cousin came to my rescue and un-froze me. I took off like I was running for my life, and I remember hearing everyone yelling at me as I stared at them….I was running in one direction and looking back at them. As I slowly turned my head around, all I could see was that everything got super dark! That’s right, I ran head first into a brick wall and woke up wondering why my vision was so blurry. There was a huge knot on my forehead the size of a softball and I couldn’t see for about a week.

As I regained consciousness, I recognized that I was at my great grandmothers house lying flat on my back and wondering how I got there. Grandma told me not to try getting up because I had suffered a head injury. I asked her for a mirror and once she gave it to me, I was so upset that I threw the mirror across the bed. I didn’t think my head could get any bigger, but what I saw in the mirror convinced me that I lost the battle with the wall. It was possible to make my head a whole lot bigger.

On that day, I learned a lesson that carried me through a lot of tough situations as my life went on. The most important lesson was that I am tougher than anything that comes against me, even a brick wall. Though it may knock me down but I will get back up. So will you! The second thing that I learned is that when you are on your back, your family has enough love to get you back on your feet. Nowadays, it seems that the family structure has all but become extinct and replaced by virtual interactions via you wireless devices. If this is your situation, take a couple of days off and go love on your family members. I’m sure they could really benefit from a personal visit from you. Do not get so busy that you forget about the ones that helped you get there. The last and most relevant lesson is that when you think that you have nothing left to give and you feel frozen like I did during my third grade recess, know that God will always send an angel to get you back going again. And when he does, do not dwell on looking back because you could run into a brick wall by staring at the past. Instead, focus on what lies in front of you because your past is already done. I’ve been suffering from writers block and decided that I would talk with my readers and share a gem….Hopefully, this helps someone that feels stuck and have no where to go. Just hold on and your help is on the way!

Be blessed,

Patrick Hurd

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