A Woman’s Worth

This is a man’s world….but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl! The legendary James Brown first blessed us with this wisdom in 1966 while performing live at the Apollo Theater. Those words rang true then and has an infinite value today. In the modern era of fakery and unrealistic reality, the value of a good woman has spiked higher than any stock in stock market history.

I recently heard a conversation about the difference between being complete versus being finished. When it relates to relationships, the difference is that the right woman can make a man feel complete. However, if a man gets mixed up with the wrong woman, he will be finished! Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way earlier in life. Fortunately, I survived and was able to share this gem of knowledge with my older son today. I took the difficulty of my past and used it as a teachable moment for my young king so that he may be informed on the true value of choosing the right woman and not allowing temptation to lead him off of his path.

The universe is a culmination of comparable and opposing forces. The fact that man is nothing more than energy encased within a fleshly vessel, it is important to understand the cause and affect of both positive and negative energy. When selecting the right woman, first pay attention to her energy. Does she promote life with positivity, or is she one that seeks to take life….a vamp, a leech, a tick, etc? Pay close attention to whether she adds to you or takes from you. And ladies, the same logic applies to men.

Sometimes, the pressures of being alone while everyone else is in a relationship will make us disregard the red flags in order to have a companion. Yet, it is better to be alone than to be with the wrong woman or man.

There is such beauty in a virtuous woman! She can make a man strive for heights never imagined. She can build him up to the point that he feels that he can conquer the world. The right woman is worth the time to be thorough in your search. For when you find her, you will realize that the time that it took to find her was well worth it!

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