What Kind of Energy are You Putting Out?

There is power in your words! When we open our mouth, there is a form of energy that is released into the atmosphere that will go out and later return to us. The only concern is the type of energy that attaches to what we put out because it is certain to return unto us. Today, I want to talk to the “rain makers” out there and hopefully share some wisdom on how others can become a blessing to their own lives instead of causing damage.

We all have things going on in our lives that can best quite testing at times. We all struggle and no one is exempt from the trials of life. However, the way that we operate on a daily basis determines the outcome of our tomorrow. When you open your mouth to speak, are your words positive and uplifting or are they negative and profane. You are designing your own tomorrow by the type of energy that you release from your mouth.

I’m reminded that when praises go up, blessings come down. This is the true essence of sewing and reaping because you are putting out energy that is sure to return to the sender. Choose today to send out words of praise, gratefulness, and thanksgiving because ultimately we all want to receive the abundant blessings that are available to us. When you speak, let it be words of good vapors that will go into the atmosphere and create the clouds that provide the rain that falls on us. Stop creating storm clouds by spewing out negativity, discouraging words about others, and dwelling on the things that you don’t have. Instead, adopt a spirit of thanksgiving and watch the blessings pour! Be grateful and be blessed!

Patrick Hurd

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