Barber License Recall

Let me start this post by stating that the following words come from a place of love! First, I commend anyone that chooses to pursue a career in barbering. In my opinion, it is one of the most commendable crafts to choose. As a matter of fact, my older son is currently pursuing his barber license per my recommendation. Developing the ability to transform a persons appearance using clippers, trimmers, and razors is the true definition of a craftsman. But as of late, there has been a lot of fakery that has entered the space and I wanted to just put it out there.

Recently, I visited a new barber shop because I was frustrated with my normal barbers punctuality! That’s a whole different post to come at a later date. Long story short, I told the barber to take a little off the top but to keep my fade dark. The next thing I knew, he went against the grain with no guard from the front of my head to the back. Can you imagine the rage that I felt? I quickly composed myself and decided to see where this would end up, after all, it couldn’t be any worse than my boot camp haircuts. So once he finished, I honestly had dozed off but soon felt a cold aerosol feeling come over the front of my scalp, and then on both sides of my temple. This was a new feeling and I wasn’t sure whether to like it or be alarmed.

After he finished spraying my scalp, he sprayed some type of holding spray on top of that and started to line me up with the trimmers. He then proceeded to dip the trimmers in some white chalk before trimming my edge up. I later concluded that the chalk gave the illusion that the barber had given a razor line up. I have to be honest, the line up looked crisp and the chalk was a cool play to add an element of sharpness. But there is just one problem! I had to go outside in 95 degree weather and then get a shower once I made it home.

My edge up lasted all of thirty minutes and I was pissed because I had paid $25 for was expected to be a quality haircut. So hear my cry all of you wanna-be barbers out there. If you practice your art, you won’t have to spray the dark stuff! My forehead looked like one of the housewives makeup once she started to cry! That was the last time I will try one of these makeup applying barbers. My message today is: “If you can’t cut hair without applying the spray to clients that don’t need it, drive down to the barber board and return your license. There are plenty other jobs that you can pursue. For my barber board inspectors, there needs to be a thorough inspection of how often these barbers are spraying this stuff on people that have perfectly healthy hairlines. If abuse of power is determined, immediate license recall should be the result. The offending barber should be required to attend a substance abuse program before his license is reinstated. I’m just sayin!

Be blessed,

Patrick Hurd


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