Blog Post #2

The purpose of this blog is to share with you an area of a business career that I would like to be involved in.  I am currently working as a network manager for a major telecom company and working full-time as a cyber systems analyst for the military.  Both of my roles complement each other because I gain skills at my civilian employer that transfers to my military role and vice versa.  I thoroughly enjoy the technology sector of business and I get a lot of satisfaction from solving complicated problems that others typically shy away from.  In my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than figuring out how to remove roadblocks related to technology.

With the advancement in cloud infrastructure, I have become fascinated with learning how to build platforms that are cloud based and find ways to implement them for commercial use.  Recently, several companies have announced their migration to a cloud-based architecture.  Among those companies, the Department of Defense announced an initiative called Project Jedi that will move DoD records to a cloud platform.  There are two companies that are bidding to win the 10-billion-dollar contract.  Microsoft and Amazon are making their play to secure this enormous contract.  Both companies have stellar reputations in the tech world and offer world-class employment opportunities.

I am currently looking for an opportunity to make an impact with one of the two companies in order to utilize my cyber security and networking experience.  I find the task to be very daunting due to the sheer magnitude of the DoD database.  This project is slated to last for an undefined timeframe as it will be an ongoing development.  With every new software update, there will be a need for engineers to configure the government network for compliance.  I see this as an opportunity to gain an increased level of knowledge about cloud architecture.  I have had a couple of interviews with affiliates of both companies and the time has come to make a decision on which company will be my new employer.

With both opportunities, travel will be a large part of the job.  Both opportunities will require me to obtain housing in Washington, D.C.  or Kansas City.  Washington D.C. has a higher cost of living compared to Kansas City.  I have my last interview today at 2 o’clock which will help me make my final decision.  I am looking forward to a change of pace and the opportunity to work in an environment that peaks my interest.  I will keep you all posted on the outcome so please stay tuned.




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