Location, Location, Location

Location has proven to be the most important factor in many different areas of life.  When a entrepreneur decides to open a new business, the first factors that he/she must consider is finding the right location.  When a new homebuyer is considering a new home purchase, he/she must consider the location of the property because that... Continue Reading →

Your Mountain to Move

I've never seen success without failure, light without darkness, and peace without a storm. Opposite forces are always present at the same time otherwise, there would be no struggle. We are constantly in a battle to move forward while opposing forces are at work to pull us back. Know that when you choose to do... Continue Reading →

The Way You Move!

In 2003, the legendary Atlanta rap group OutKast created one of hip hops classic songs featuring Sleepy Brown titled "I like the way you move". Today's blog has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of that song, but I decided to jar the memory of my music head readers and have that song playing... Continue Reading →

Watching the Highlight Film!

Welcome back everyone!  I pray that you all have had an amazing week as I have!  For those that read my blog earlier this week, I know that everyone has their clothes ready for church tomorrow and are excited to have another opportunity to worship!  I’m so ready, I almost slept in my clothes tonight... Continue Reading →

Stop Worrying and Start Living

If you found out that you only one week left to live, how would you spend that time?  I would venture to say that the power bill, rent, car payment, nor your relationship issues would be a top priority. Several years ago, I remember going through a period of financial uncertainty and needless to say, I... Continue Reading →

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